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Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur

Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur

People will do their duty in the elections but I can say that Kanpur has won me over: Narendra Modi

From Kanpur the clarion call of a Congress Mukt Bharat must come: Narendra Modi

People must defeat the Congress and their allies who have helped Congress to hide their own misdeeds: Narendra Modi

Those born with golden spoons, what do they know what poverty is? To see poverty they go with cameras to see huts: Narendra Modi

Shri Narendra Modi addressed his first public meeting in Uttar Pradesh since he was declared as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate. Shri Modi spoke at a large public meeting in Kanpur where he called on the people of UP to defeat the Congress party and the Congress’ allies who have been helping the Congress to hide their own misdeeds. Modi ji affirmed that these allies of the Congress party say something else and do something else in Parliament. “From Kanpur the clarion call of a Congress Mukt Bharat must come,” Modi ji affirmed.
Modi ji attacked the anti-people policies of the Congress party. He asked the people whether the Congress promised to bring prices down in 100 days of getting elected and further asked if prices came down as promised by the Congress. “See what they have done today. The stove is not lighting in the homes of the poor. Price rise is troubling the poor but sadder than that is- has the PM ever said anything on being able to stop rising prices? Has Madam Sonia or their Prince said anything about it? Their arrogance is so high,” Modi ji declared. He attacked the rampant corruption under the UPA even taking note of the recent statements by a former Government official that if he is guilty in the coal scam, the Prime Minister must also be an accused.
Narendra Modi said that for the Congress, the poor and the farmers of the country have become a joke. He stated, “The Congress prince says there is nothing like poverty- it is a state of mind. Those born with golden spoons, what do they know what poverty is? To see poverty they go with cameras to see huts. We have been born in poverty, we have lived in poverty. We experienced the pain of the poor. And when someone makes such jokes on the poor, it is very sad. Salt is being put on their wounds.” Modi ji affirmed that the Government must be for the poor, the welfare of the poor but the governments should not bein the pockets of the poor.
Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur
Talking about the Congress he also said, “When the Congress is in trouble they catch on to one thing and that is development politics” adding that the Congress has divided people, castes, parties etc.
During his speech Shri Modi also attacked the misgovernance in Uttar Pradesh under the Samajwadi Party Government. He said that in the last one year so many innocent people have lost their lives but the state Government is engaged in votebank politics only. Modi ji also shared that the Uttar Pradesh government is busy releasing people who face serious charges from jail. “Should the law not take its own course? Should we sacrifice our security for votebank politics?” the BJP’s PM candidate asked. Shri Modi categorically stated that the unholy trinity of the Congress, SP and BSP has brought bad name to the Congress and they must be wiped out from UP.
Shri Modi noted that the elections are for the Lok Sabha but instead of giving answers on what they have done, the Congress is only talking of Gujarat. Modi ji asked, “Are these elections in Gujarat? Gujarat voted in 2012 and the people passed us with distinction.”
Lakhs of people came to hear Shri Modi at the public meeting. Shri Modi said, “I can say that Kanpur has won me over.”
BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh delivered a strong speech where he expressed confidence that the BJP will form the Government and Shri Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister. He said that Gujarat has made a mark in good governance. Shri Rajnath Singh also said that now that the SP and BSP have got a clean chit, they should withdraw support from the Congress.
Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur
Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur
Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur
Narendra Modi addresses public meeting in Kanpur

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  1. BJP Poll Manifesto

    Mr Murli Manohar Joshi is in charge of drawing up BJP’s Poll Manifesto for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

    He has invited suggestions from public for possible incorporation in the manifesto , if found suitable

    Based on my perception of what would benefit the public most ( in order of importance ) , following is how BJP’s manifesto should read :

     Corruption

    We will introduce / pass , “ Anna-Version “ of Jan Lok-Pal Bill within 2 months of assuming power at the Center

     Jobs

    We will create 15 million jobs per year , starting from 2015

     Economy

    We will liberalize FDI in Insurance / Retail and all other non-defense related sectors of economy

     Productive Use of Un-Productive Money

    We will create a structure, whereby Private sector and Religious Trusts ( such as Tirupati / Lord Padmanabhan / Shirdi SaiBaba / Satya SaiBaba / Siddhi Vinayak / VaishnoDevi etc ) , will come forward to invest , at least Rs 10 lakh crores per year for the next 5 years. This will be done thru,

    • No-Tax ( for 10 years ) , “ Job Creation “ Bonds , exclusively devoted to creation of Jobs for poor people in less-developed states

    • Enabling investments into these bonds , thru a Voluntary Disclosure Scheme ( VDS ) where no questions will be asked as to the source of the funds. This will bring back Rs 35 lakh crores stashed away unproductively / secretly by Indian nationals and Trusts

    • We will create similar “ Job Creation “ Bonds where subscription will be restricted to,

    # NRIs / PIOs
    # Foreign NGOS / Charitable Trusts
    # Foreign Sovereign Funds

    • We will introduce this measure within 6 months of coming to power

     CBI

    We will make CBI truly independent of the Central Government , by making Chief of CBI report to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    CBI will have its own Expense Budget ( as part of the Central Budget ) and will be free to hire additional professionals without needing permission from any Central Ministry

     Electoral Reforms

    We will introduce , within 6 months , a Electoral Reforms Bill in Lok Sabha. This will have provisions for
    • NOTA

    • Right to Recall

    • Negative Vote …………..etc

     Representation of People Act

    We will amend this Act within 6 months of assuming power , by incorporating provisions for

    • Acceptance of ALL donations to political parties only thru cheques

    • Issue of paper receipts for all donations

    • Publishing on party web site ,

    # full details of funding / expenditure etc

    # full details of Assets / Liabilities / Income Tax Returns filed etc of Senior party functionaries ( including those holding Ministerial positions ) – updated annually

    # full details of FIRs / Court-Cases ( whether criminal or civil ) filed against any Senior Party Functionaries , with punishments awarded , if any

    # number of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha meetings attended by its elected representatives

     Naxal / Maoist Menace

    We will eliminate this menace thru full integration of these Tribal areas into the mainstream of the Social / Political and Economic development.
    We will do this by granting special status to these areas , where industries / businesses / NGOs , will be encouraged to set up Skills Training Institutes , by giving accelerated depreciation benefit for the Capital Expenditure incurred and 150 % write-off on the recurring annual revenue expenditure

     Relations with Pakistan

    Whereas we will encourage constructive dialogue with Pakistan to resolve all outstanding issues , this will be done only after Pakistan dismantles all terror-training camps on its territory , as certified by a UN Agency , on an ongoing basis

    Dear Mr Joshi :

    I am not sure how many citizens will take the trouble to spell out their suggestions like this
    My last suggestion is that you frame a “ Multiple Choice Questionnaire “
    Publish this on as many Media as possible – especially Online Web sites
    Then ask people to record their choices
    A Smart Phone based Mobile App would be great !

    • hemen parekh ( 19 Oct 2013 )

    1. Thank you for so nicely explained thought's which all are very much important for our Nation: India. Vande Mataram.... Bharat mata ki jai........

      Your voice, your manifesto! Initiative by Bjp Party...!
      Hemen Parekh sir give ur kind suggestions there...!!!


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