indian secularist societyHindus often attack India’s secularists as anti-Hindu. Indeed this is their only argument. By contrast they say Hinduism has always been truly secular, more secular in fact than secularism itself. Now the secularist also like to think of themselves as liberals, humanists, western-orientated progressives, democrats, socialists and even atheists. The last four categories are borrowed direct from Marxist sources and hence they employ the same arsenal of swear words. The enemies of the secularists in India are the Hindu fascists and communalists. Now in western political parlance the term ‘fascism’ remains highly amorphous and problematic. With ‘communal’ on the other hand we are faced with something rather quaint even if at times repulsive. Communal refers to the ‘commune’ an attempt to build an alternative ideal society, a utopia.
There have been many attempts at this, such as farming organic vegetables in order to be self-sufficient and ecologically sound, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle in order to respect the life of animals, manufacturing natural products without synthetic ingredients, and above all creating a society where all contribute and none are to be exploited.
uc22This is epitomised by the hippy and later New Age movements who would be incredibly shocked and disgusted at how India’s secularists have perverted the meaning of ‘communal’ to something equating to the very fascism, tribalism and intolerance which the New Agers reject. So while the various communal living experiments have met with varying degrees of success, it is therefore undoubtedly grotesque how India’s self-righteous secularists have used the word ‘communal’ to be applied in a totally different context divorced from its original meaning. Yet at the same time they have no problem with communism where communes were just another form of slave labour camps and machinery for mass exploitation